Contemplating Finn

Last week you were introduced to Finn who is having some health troubles.  He does not seem to think that anything serious is happening to him nor that he needs to be making any changes to his lifestyle.  This is not an unusual state for people to be in, especially in a day and age when the common way to take care of any discomfort is to pop a pill.  Finn is in what the Stages of Change model refers to as the “Precontemplation Stage.”

Wow.  It has been a while since I’ve felt up to writing a journal entry.  The last few weeks have been especially trying since I’ve been working my new position and was also diagnosed with high blood pressure.  It turns out that my migraine and blurred vision were signs of a hypertensive emergency.  I didn’t go to the doctor right away because I thought I had just spent too much time working and then having beers in the sun.  I decided to head to the doctor when my migraine returned for a few days, preventing me from going to work.  I really wanted to impress everyone at work, and being sick was not helping.  The medical assistant caught my high blood pressure right away and it was so high that I was admitted to the hospital.  Talk about a crazy day.

I’m home now, and back at work.  I have been given some blood pressure medication and spent some time in classes to help me learn how to improve my health.  There is A LOT I need to be doing to turn things around.  I just don’t think I can do everything they are telling me, and I honestly don’t really want to.  I like eating how I eat and drinking what I drink.  I don’t have time for any of that going to the gym BS either.  I have work and a family to raise.  It is scary though, especially after learning about my uncle’s stroke and that I am at a really high risk for stroke now, too.  My family is being really supportive so that will help me in the long run.  I’ve got a family to support….a stroke would be devastating.

Enough out of me.  My boss wants to spend some time talking tomorrow because he has high blood pressure too and has been managing it for years.  I don’t really want to dwell on all of this, but who knows, I might learn something!

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Meet Finn

Welcome to my first installment of my Stages of Change series.  The name of the character that you will be following is Finn.  I’m leaving a lot of things about the character ambiguous so that some evolution may be allowed to occur as the series develops and I receive feedback from readers.  I plan to present a journal entry each week with no discussion of the SOC stage until the following week.  Please ask questions and leave suggestions.  I hope you enjoy Finn’s journey 🙂

Today was perfect.  It was quite the change from this last week.  I spent two days at home from work with what I can only describe as a migraine.  I don’t really know anyone with migraines, but I was in so much pain that there is no way it was just a regular headache.  But I digress, it was so nice to spend the day with family at the lake.  We celebrated my nephew’s 4th birthday with beer and BBQ.  No beer for the kiddos, or course, but the teens definitely tried their damnedest to clean out the cooler.  It was especially nice to see my Uncle Colin since he had the stroke a few months back.  He seems to be doing alright, but it is hard to see him this way.  He is usually out driving the boat so everyone can water ski and tube, but now it’s not really safe for him to be doing that.  He did still crack a joke or two so I know he’s still in there…just a little more subdued, I guess.

I’ve gotta get pumped for next week somehow.  It is going to be a tough one with all the kids activities and my promotion starting on Monday.  I’m not sure how I’m gonna get through it.  I better stock the wine cellar so we can do some unwinding after we get the kids off to bed.  I’m excited about the path we are headed on, but it can feel pretty overwhelming at times.

Well trusty journal, I need to get off to bed.  I am BEAT and things are starting to get blurry.  Too much fun and sun for me….hopefully I can do some sleeping in tomorrow.


Not sure what’s going on?  Make sure to read the introduction to this series 🙂

Upcoming Series…Don’t Miss Out!

Hello everyone!  I am going to be writing a series of posts that deal with the Stages of Change (SOC) model in regard to making decisions about health and wellness.  I know, that sounds terribly boring and potentially painful.  Well, fear not my faithful followers!  I plan to write about this idea from the perspective a person needing to make a change and in the style of journal entries.  It should be much more entertaining than an academic examination of the SOC.

I want to do this series because making change is difficult, and it is important for those needing to make change to understand that it is a process that involves learning how to make the change, not just deciding what needs to be changed.  I am hoping that this series will help my readers understand where on the path they fall and what it is going to take to get them to move from one stage to the next.  Please leave comments, ask questions, and make suggestions throughout this series.  My character has a lot of work to do and will need support, motivation, and accountability to make it through!

I look forward to seeing how this exercise unfolds and hearing what everyone thinks.

Here’s to making healthful changes!