Secrets, Steps, and Fool-Proof Programs

As I have embarked on this life coaching endeavour, I have joined various life coaching groups to network and gain knowledge.  One thing I have noticed is that there are A LOT of coaches that profess to have 4 Steps to the Most Amazing Fill-In-The-Blank!  Perhaps I am confused, but the idea of having a life coach is to help you navigate your UNIQUE life/situation.  You cannot follow a few steps and suddenly have everything all figured out.

It can certainly be comforting to have a predictable plan to follow.  I believe that your life coach should help you develop a unique plan to follow and not try to hand you three, four, or however many steps to your ultimate utopian future.

Creating your ideal life is not a cookie-cutter process and you are likely not going to reach perfection.  You will work toward creating your happiness within your unique set of circumstances.  I am always wary of any “Secret to Happiness” or “5 Step Program to Ultimate Time Management.”  As with any product being sold, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Reaching goals and realizing dreams takes hard work and determination.  It is not easy or fool-proof.  If it were, why would anyone ever need a life coach?


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